One week after #ICanHasUberKITTENS, we reflect on the meows, love, and how catnip-crazy you all went for kitten snuggles.

11 OCT

Uberdata: How the city of Washington responds to the government shutdown

The US government shutdown in October 2013 has affected many people, especially in the US capitol. Using Uber's data we look at how the shutdown has affected Washington DC.

10 JUN

That’s one dense apple! A study of taxi e-hails in NYC

Team Science looks at e-hail request density in NYC and how the Uber app helps fill the shift-change gap.


Uberdata: Economics of Car Ownership

How do the economics of car ownership in San Francisco compare to using Uber? The results are fairly surprising!

12 DEC

Uberdata: Comparing Apples to Googles (to Bings to MapQuests)

Uber critically relies on accurate geolocation to get your from point A to point B. In this post we put different geolocation services to the test and compare Apple, Google, Bing, and MapQuest.

12 NOV

Uberdata: Mapping a city’s flow using Uber’s ridership data

Some neighborhoods have some kind of "activity gravity" that keeps people within them and using Uber's data we can quantify and visualize this effect.

23 JUN

Uberdata: Building the Perfect Uber Party City

How is San Francisco's Financial District like New York? What neighborhood tells us the most about DC's lifestyle? In this post we use #uberdata to get a feel for each neighborhood's unique style.


Uberdata: Mapping the San Franciscome


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