29 AUG

Getting You a Ride After a Few Drinks: How Uber Sets the Bar for New Jersey Transportation

Using #UberData, we show how our presence in New Jersey connects drivers and riders at times when DUI danger is the greatest.

11 AUG

Optimizing a dispatch system using an AI simulation framework

How the Science Team can use agent based modeling to think about optimizations on our software platform connecting riders and drivers.

28 JUL

Uber Data from Opening Day

How do people use Uber to get to home openers of major sports in major US cities? Using #UberData from the 2013 season, we compare which sports and cities win out in our first ever Uber Sports Index.

15 JUL

UberBOAT meets #UberData

Today the Science Team drops into uncharted territory like tea to the harbor with UberBOAT! The Uber Boston crew made an exciting move last month – from June 4th-15th, curious (and persistent) Bostonians were able to request a water taxi using the Uber app from 20 docks along the Boston Harbor.

Here’s what we learned about Boston, boats, and transportation options from our most recent experiment in moving people around cities.

14 JUL

Uber Around the World

Here at Uber, things are happening pretty quickly. What launched from humble beginnings in San Francisco in 2010 grew to a global service spanning 3 continents and the world’s top cities in 2012. By the end of 2013, that number had more than quadrupled, and in early 2014 we hit the 100 city mark (and we’re just getting started).



One week after #ICanHasUberKITTENS, we reflect on the meows, love, and how catnip-crazy you all went for kitten snuggles.

11 OCT

How the US government shutdown affects Uber ridership patterns in Washington DC

The US government shutdown in October 2013 has affected many people, especially in the US capitol. Using Uber's data we look at how the shutdown has affected Washington DC.

17 SEP

#UberData: Brooklyn

Brooklyn, how do you love uberX? Let us count the ways... Using Uber data to show how and why Brooklyn loves uberX.

10 JUN

That's one dense apple! Taxi e-hails in New York City

The Science Team examines New York City's e-hail request density and how Uber fills the cab shift-change gap in supply and demand.


How Do Car Ownership Costs Compare to Using Uber?

How do the economics of car ownership in San Francisco compare to using Uber? The results are fairly surprising!