24 OCT

Ride to the Polls with uberX

On election day this Monday, Ottawans will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for mayor of Ottawa and the Ottawa City Council. It’s an important day filled with big decisions for all. Thankfully, how you get to and from the polls will be the easiest decision you make all day.

24 OCT

Free uberX This Monday!

This Monday on election day, we’re offering all Torontonians FREE uberX RIDES to and from the polls all day - it'll be the easiest decision you make all day!

23 OCT

Manila, It’s Your Choice.

Over the past few weeks, more and more Filipinos have elected to dash around Metro Manila with Uber and from what we hear, you LOVE it.

22 OCT

Calling all Uber Students!

Become a Student Ambassador for Uber in Abu Dhabi!

22 OCT

Ride Free This Week in Lincoln!

We're hooking up FREE rides in Lincoln now through Sunday, October 26th. What are you waiting for? Time to start riding!

21 OCT

Uber On To The Fayetteville Dogwood Festival

To celebrate our first Halloween in Fayetteville, we're partnering with our local favorite -- the Fayetteville Dogwood Fall Festival!

21 OCT

uberX is now 45% cheaper!

When we dropped our fares by 25% a couple of months ago, you folks showed us love by riding more often with Uber. With the festivities 'round the corner, we want to celebrate that by making your travel even better! We are excited to drop our uberX fares an additional 20% due to the increased efficiency we have been able to add to the marketplace; one where riders get picked up in as little as 8 minutes, and drivers spend less time idle and more time helping people in the city get around. That's a total of 45% off your uberX fares!

20 OCT


We asked and you said YES! So we’re doing it again. Free.Taxi. Rides.

20 OCT

SFO, uberX is Here to Stay!

San Franciscans were the first in the world to experience Uber, and now those arriving in the city will get to hop on an uberX as soon as they step out into SFO.

20 OCT

Driver Spotlight: Gina

Gina is an uberX driver-partner/CPA in training. She’s one of our many partners who hits the road between hitting the books. Gina is a full-time student at UIC, and when she’s not busy studying accounting or going out in River North with her friends, she’s behind the wheel getting to know Chicagoans one Uber ride at a time.