18 SEP

A new way of life for Dublin taxi drivers

It’s now been over two months since we launched uberX and the feedback has been amazing. We wanted to take a look at the licensed taxi driver partners who are moving uberX forward in Dublin and how Uber has benefited them since our arrival.

16 SEP


Anchorage, your Uber is arriving now! Starting at 12PM this Thursday, Anchorage residents will have access to the convenience and reliability of Uber. And to kick off our launch and 10 days of FREE rides around town, Alaska’s indie rockin' hometown heroes will be the first to take a spin in an uberX in the The Last Frontier.

16 SEP


Flagstaff, your Uber has arrived! Starting at noon on Thursday, 9/18, residents of Flagstaff will have access to the convenience and reliability of Uber, and rides will be FREE until Sunday night* to celebrate. Whether you're going to hit the slopes of Snowbowl, or you're simply heading to Heritage Square to grab a bite and a brew, Uber will be there to help you get around town at the touch of a button!

16 SEP

A Look Back at Week One

We thought it would be fun to look back on our first week and reflect on how uberX has already impacted our city – so here’s a snapshot of Week 1...

15 SEP

uberX is now available for pickup at the airport!

You asked — we listened. Starting today, uberX is now available for pickup at Denver International Airport!

14 SEP


Meet uberX - Your Low Cost Uber

14 SEP

PUNE: Meet uberX - Your low cost Uber!

uberX - Your Low Cost Uber

12 SEP

Setting the Record Straight

After years of neglecting Toronto drivers and passengers alike, the taxi lobby has resorted to name-calling and scare tactics to turn Torontonians away from Uber. So we think it’s a good time to clarify a few facts...

12 SEP

Beirut, Your uberX Is Here!

Exactly two months ago, the first Ubers started rolling in Beirut and since then response has been nothing less than exciting! This got us super pumped to continue growing and offering you more than one Uber option. Because "CHOICE" is a beautiful thing, we thought Beirut deserves more than the current UberBLACK option for you to choose among...

11 SEP

Driver Spotlight: Fiona

When she’s not busy creating confectionary masterpieces (we’ll get to that), being an awesome mom to her two kids, or dining at one of her favorite River North haunts, Fiona is driving for uberX. And killing it.