11 JUN

Introducing: #UberTAXI

17 APR

Announcing uberTAXI Van!

You can now request an uberTAXI Van with room for up to 6 passengers.

18 FEB

Free Taxi Week In Honolulu

February 18th-20th, everyone in Honolulu gets free uberTAXI rides and could get picked up by Jamie O'Brien, Makua Rothman or Kala Alexander!

17 FEB

Meet uberTAXI: The cheapest way to ride Sydney taxis

Sydney taxis just got up to 40% cheaper.

26 DEC

uberTAXI In Honolulu - Taxi Without The Hassle

So far, Uber in Honolulu has been all about a convenient and efficient ride in a black car. But now, uberTAXI has now come to Honolulu, Hawaii!

31 OCT

Meet Chad: Operations & Logistics Manager

Ever since he joined the team, Chad has been working tirelessly to make your uberTAXI e-hailing experience the best in NYC. He's our official taxi doctor, and might be the funniest guy in the Uber NYC office. Read on for more about this Midwestern charmer.

30 APR

UberTaxi Returns To NYC

UberTAXI has officially returned to streets of New York City.

14 JAN

Washington, Help Us Inaugurate UberTAXI

There’s nothing more American than the freedom to choose—so it’s fitting that Uber is bringing our nation’s capital yet another choice when it comes to getting a reliable ride. Starting today, you’ll be able to use UberTAXI to request a DC cab right alongside our existing sedan and SUV service.

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