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15 DEC


Bahrain, your Uber has arrived! We’re thrilled to be providing the Island of Bahrain with reliable, safe, and convenient transportation. While we’ve been roaming around the Middle East since September 2013, we’re now super excited to have Bahrain join the ride along with the 210+ cities from across the globe.



2014年は、Uberにとって飛躍的成長の年でした。一年前は21カ国60都市でサービスを展開していたUberが、今では50カ国 250都市以上で利用できるまでになりました。 2015年、Uberは世界中で100万を超える雇用を生み出します。また、何百万人もの人々が、Uberのお手頃なサービスがあることで、車を所有する必要性を感じなくなるかもしれません。 今後の新たな拡大を見据え、この度Uberは12億ドルの資金調達を行いました。今回の資金調達で、特にアジア太平洋地域において、積極的な投資が可能になります。

29 APR

Jeddah, Your Uber is Arriving Da7een

The Bride of the Red Sea has always attracted people from all over the world. The first stop for many visitors of the Holy Mosques as well as a destination for merchants and tourists, Jeddah has grown into a diverse city with a lot to offer. From AlBalad to AlTahlia, it delicately combines the traditional with the modern. We are excited to launch UberX in Jeddah today and to finally be a part of this great city.

17 JUN

Fun + Sun Capital Miami Boasts Technology Too!

Miami-Dade County introduced legislation that would bring transportation innovation + Uber to Miami!

18 NOV

Uber Sighting in DC?!

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