Travis Kalanick

30 OCT

Catch The Ride Of The Future And Uber To Cyberposium!

There are few more high-profile events at Harvard Business School than Cyberposium...and this year's event won't be any different! There will be keynotes and panels from tech leaders across the industry, including our very own CEO, Travis Kalanick. It's only appropriate that Uber takes you to and from the event, so we're giving all new users their ride to Cyberposium FREE!


Save UberDenver - Rally on Monday!

Save UberDenver! Come to the rally on Monday night and show your #UberDenverLove. You'll even get a chance to jam with our CEO, Travis Kalanick!

31 DEC

Uber Execs Chat about #UberNYE and Surge Pricing

Uber execs Travis Kalanick and Ryan Graves sat down for a live chat to answer your questions about new year's eve and surge pricing.


Uber LA Officially Launched

Today could eventually be considered historical for the city of Angels because it is today that Uber LA is officially rolling out its transportation system in this fine city. And here's why...

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