10 DEC

Uber Improves Public Transportation in New Jersey

As 2014 comes to a close, the #UberData Team shows how Uber improves and complements public transportation in New Jersey.


You Have the Right to Ride in Virginia

You may have heard that Uber received a cease and desist letter from the Virginia DMV yesterday. We wanted to write to let you know that Uber will operate as usual, and we plan to continue full-speed ahead with our commitment to providing Virginians access to safe, affordable and reliable rides.

23 FEB

Houston – it’s time for action.

In 2013, Houston was named America’s next great global city. Unfortunately, a lack of modern transportation options are handcuffing that future. To truly become a global city, Houston needs global transportation options like Uber.


Baltimore, it's FREE uberx WEEK!

uberX is FREE in Baltimore from Monday, December 2nd to Friday, December 6th!

22 NOV

'Tis the Season to Uber!

Give the gift of Uber this Holiday Season!

12 NOV

Help bring Uber to Miami!

A city as fast, classy, and modern as Miami needs a variety of transportation options to match. Sign the petition to bring Uber to Miami!

15 OCT

New uberX Prices, Now 30% Cheaper Than A Taxi!

We are thrilled to announce new uberX rates that make the low-cost Uber more affordable than ever before: uberX is now 30% cheaper than a taxi!


St. Paul, Your uberX has Arrived ....and it's FREE!

uberX has arrived, St. Paul! Enjoy that Uber service you love, at prices cheaper than a taxi. Say what?!

21 MAY

Something BLACK :: Uber Weddings

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something...BLACK! Introducing Uber Weddings!