secret Ubers

18 OCT

Ubers are hitting the roads of OKC, y’all!

Basketball season started storming through Oklahoma City this week, but this Thunderous news wasn’t the only thing making noise – secret Ubers hit the roads of OKC, transforming the way Oklahomans get around town!

23 MAY

Secret Ubers Invade The Hoosier State

Secret Ubers begin cruising the Circle City on Memorial Day Weekend


To Rome with Love

Secret Ubers across Rome... get ready! Uber is here to celebrate the fabulous mood of this city. Flirt with your date through the gardens of Villa Borghese, join an audience with the new Pope or glam up for a black-tie night at the Opera. Rome won't disappoint you - ever.

12 MAR

Secret Ubers hit the streets in Lyon, France!

Living in Lyon, France, just got a little better. Secret Ubers started roaming the city this morning!


Hello Detroit: Secret Ubers Rolling in Motor City

The first Ubers of Motor City are making their appearance!

24 JAN

Urijah Faber Enters the Octagon as Sac’s “Rider Zero”

Sacramento's transportation scene has stepped up its game and entered a brand-new class of competition. Secret Ubers are hitting the streets of River City!

22 JAN

Uber + Baltimore = Bal(ler)timore

Secret Ubers are making landfall in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

16 JAN

Secret Ubers Slip into the Streets of Berlin

Uber's rolled into Germany with cars on the road in Berlin!


2013 Brings Longer Days, Sunny Skies, and Secret Ubers to Stockholm!

It’s no secret that Stockholmers appreciate quality, convenience, and class, and Secret Ubers have rolled into town just in time to provide all three for 2013!

28 OCT

Uber Takes A Plunge With Olympic Diver Matt Mitcham!

Uber is diving Down Under with Olympic diving champion, Matt Mitcham!