Ridesharing, Uber, and Seoul City

uberX는 서울의 교통 혼잡 및 대기 오염 완화 노력을 지원합니다. Learn about how uberX is suppporting the City’s effort to make Seoul greener and more efficient.

27 AUG

라이드쉐어링 uberX를 무료로 체험하세요. Seoul, your free uberX is arriving now.

서울 진출 1주년을 맞아 Uber의 라이드쉐어링 옵션인 uberX를 선보입니다. 시범 운영 기간 동안에는 무료로 이용해보세요. Seoul, your uberX is arriving now. Ride around town for free during our pilot period.

25 AUG

Uber On, Governor Quinn.

Governor Quinn showed us he is a champion for uberX and ridesharing today by veto’ing HB 4075. His decision to protect consumer choice and promote competition on Illinois’ streets shows his commitment to economic growth in Illinois.

21 AUG

Save uberX! Veto HB 4075.

Uber Chicago arrived at the Thompson Center to demonstrate the impact uberX has made on Illinois. We delivered over 75,000 petition signatures to Governor Quinn's City of Chicago office to veto HB 4075 and save uberX. There's still time to take action!

10 JUL

Tell Governor Quinn to veto HB 4075 to save uberX!

Sign the petition to tell Governor Quinn to veto HB 4075 and save uberX! Your right to transportation choice as an Illinois consumer is one signature away from disappearing.

17 JUN

Safety on uberX: The Facts

Since Uber DC launched in 2012, our commitment has been to provide both riders and drivers with the safest possible experience. Here's an overview of why we're the safest ride in town.

10 JUN

Een blik op uberPOP

10 JUN

uberPOP facts


Orlando, Your Uber is Arriving Now

For too long the City Beautiful has lacked the transportation options that are available through Uber in more than 125 cities worldwide, but that ends today. With Uber, you get the convenience of a FAST PASS to anywhere, without the hassles of parking or the burden of being the designated driver. Enjoy FREE uberX for two weeks!


Shining a light on uberX’s insurance and safety standards

You may have heard that uberX has best-in-class insurance and safety measures, but what does that mean exactly? Find out here.