Uberにとって一番大切なのは、ユーザーの皆様が安全に、安心して移動できることです。みんなのUberも例外ではなく、皆様の安全を担保できるよう様々な配慮をしています。 みんなのUberに登録済みの全運転者に対し、第三者機関による身元調査、運転履歴の確認、また適切な自動車保険が適応されることを確認しています。ただ、それだけではありません。万が一事故が起き、同乗者の損害額を運転者の自動車保険の適用では十分にカバーできない場合、Uberはその不足額を1億円まで同乗者にお支払いします。もちろん、この「安全のためのお約束」に関し、皆様には一切対価の要求は行いません。この制度によって、ライドシェアに同乗される皆様により安心してご利用いただければと考えています。

18 DEC

Thank You, San Antonio!

We want to thank the drivers, riders, business leaders, and elected officials for their overwhelming support over the last several weeks. There are no words to explain how proud we are to have had y’all fighting side-by-side with us this last year. More than 11,000 people voiced their support for Uber in San Antonio.

17 JUL

A Look at uberX Insurance Standards

Your safety is our top priority. That's why uberX has best-in-class insurance measures that outshine Houston taxis. Learn more here.

10 JUL

Tell Governor Quinn to veto HB 4075 to save uberX!

Sign the petition to tell Governor Quinn to veto HB 4075 and save uberX! Your right to transportation choice as an Illinois consumer is one signature away from disappearing.

13 MAY

Tell City Officials TODAY That #AustinNeedsUber!

We are continuing to work with City officials to help this resolution pass, but we need your help.  Make your voice heard and bring more transportation options to Austin now! Sign the petition at action.uber.org/austin


Shining a light on uberX’s insurance and safety standards

You may have heard that uberX has best-in-class insurance and safety measures, but what does that mean exactly? Find out here.

25 FEB

Uber SF to Add More Drivers to UBERx: More Cars, Shorter Wait Times

Starting today, Uber in San Francisco will begin partnering with P2P drivers and on-boarding them to UBERx – our low-cost option for getting around the city.

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