rider zero

16 SEP

A Look Back at Week One

We thought it would be fun to look back on our first week and reflect on how uberX has already impacted our city – so here’s a snapshot of Week 1...


Toronto's uberX Rider Zero: Phil Kessel

Catching a ride with one of our first uberX driver partners (in a Tesla no less), Phil Kessel has officially marked the launch of uberX and his title as Uber Toronto's Rider Zero. On the ice, the Toronto Maple Leaf's star flies across the ice no problem - but off the ice, he relies on Uber to get him from Point A to Point B - all at the tap of a button.



Et oui, c'est aujourd'hui! Uber s'ouvre enfin aux habitants de la Cité de Calvin et ce sans que le lac soit en flamme.

13 AUG

Ahoj! Tajemné vozy Uber už jsou v Praze!

Tajemné vozy Uber už jsou v Praze!

13 AUG

Ahoj! Secret Ubers arrived in Golden Prague

Secret Ubers have arrived in Prague! We are thrilled to have Milos Cermak grab a ride, as our Rider Zero!

11 JUL

Ya Beirut, Ya Sett Al Dunia...Your Uber has just arrived!

We're pretty sure you've heard the popular saying of how, in Lebanon, you can ski in the morning and dip your feet in the sea in the afternoon. Well it's popular because it's absolutely true—you can literally do everything that comes to mind in exactly one day. Ubers have been roaming around the Middle East since September 2013 and it wasn't long until the shout out to bring Uber to Beirut City was heard! Yes that’s true...Uber just rolled right into its 6th city in the Middle East to set the coolest trend!

25 JUN

Delhi: Your uberX is arriving now Copy

Nine months ago we introduced Uber to Delhi. We are now taking this relationship to the next level. Introducing uberX. Same Uber awesome-ness at arguably the lowest price possible!

25 JUN

Delhi uberX Rider Zero!

24 APR

Louisville... Your Uber is Arriving Now

27 MAR


Tulsa spoke, and we listened! We're happy to announce that Uber is now up and running in the city of the Center of the Universe!