20 MAY

Surprise! The moment one driver won a brand new Prius

The moment one driver found out he'd won a brand new car.


5 + 1 RIDES


Win a Vinomofo Collaboration Case

27 APR

Grab a mate, get a Long Lunch

Adelaide's food scene rocks! Get a free return trip and gift when you lunch at one of our partner restaurants.

15 APR


Have you ever tried asking someone in Lebanon if they drink and drive? Well we did and we got the most epic responses of all times: 'Akeed I do, I'm in control of the car don't worry' 'Ca va, all good I become more alert when i have a drink or two' 'Walaw? I've been driving for ten years - You doubt my driving?

14 APR

We'll take care of your commute

With reduced parking options at the Stamford Transportation Center, we’re offering $5 off your next 4 Uber rides to help make your commute a little less stressful.

10 APR

Free rides to and from connecticut's victory parade

In celebration of the Connecticut women's basketball team's championship win, we're offering FREE rides to and from the victory parade in Hartford. Learn more.


Uber + Spinlet = Music To Our Ears!

Today, we’re announcing a special treat for all Uber Android and Blackberry 7 users in Lagos to help you stay in the groove. We’ve teamed up with Spinlet to give our riders free access to 1 month Spinlet premium music!

31 MAR

Celebrate Easter With Uber + Burch & Purchese

30 MAR

uberTAXI in Düsseldorf: Preise runter statt Preise rauf!

Die Taxipreise gehen rauf – Uber schraubt sie runter! Im April gibt es auf jede Fahrt mit uberTAXI 33% auf jede Fahrt!