20 MAR

Et vous, pourquoi vous aimez tant UBER?

Parce que c'est ultimement pour ces femmes et ces hommes que le service uberX existe et que Uber travaille jour après jour à offrir le service de covoiturage urbain le plus fiable, sécuritaire et abordable en ville, nous leur avons donc cédé la parole pour qu'ils nous disent pourquoi uberX est important dans leur quotidien.

20 MAR


For over a year, you, like tens of thousands of Montrealers, have turned to Uber for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. You’ve made a habit of using this transportation alternative to respond to your everyday needs. And so many of you have shared kind words that we thought it would be a great time to give you the floor. Thanks for all the #uberLOVE!

19 MAR

Don’t leave it to luck! uberX provides safe rides on St. Patrick’s Day

This year, uberX, completed more than 5,000 trips on St. Patrick’s Day, providing the most reliable transportation option and helping to lower DWIs across the Cities.

18 MAR

A los 26.574 colombianos que firmaron por su derecho a elegir, les decimos ¡GRACIAS!

Hoy 18 de marzo, a las 10:16 de la mañana, entregamos tu firma en el Ministerio de Transporte, dirigida a la Ministra Abello (@NataliaAbello1). Esta petición ha tenido una histórica acogida entre los ciudadanos, nuestros usuarios y los socios conductores de Uber.

13 MAR

Honolulu - It's Time For Action

Hawaii's legislators are voting on SB 1280 SD2, if passed it will shut down uberX in the Aloha State. Together we can tell state leaders that #HawaiiNeedsUber.

26 FEB

Montréal - C'est le temps de bouger!

Dites au Conseil Municipal ainsi qu'au maire Coderre que vous soutenez la modernisation des législations afin d'intégrer des services de transport sécuritaires et fiables que procurent les plateformes telles que Uber. Manifestez votre soutien pour le progrès, des routes plus sûres, pour Uber à Montréal. Signez la pétition dès aujourd'hui!

26 FEB

Montreal - It’s Time for Action

Tell Mayor Coderre and City Council that you support modernizing regulations to allow for the safe and reliable transportation options that innovative technologies like Uber provide. Stand up for progress and safe roads, stand up for Uber in Montreal. Sign the petition today!

26 DEC

A Safer Ride Ahead

We are fully committed to making Uber the safest way to get around Delhi and the entire Uber organization, from San Francisco to Delhi, is working hard to show that commitment.

10 JUL

Tell Governor Quinn to veto HB 4075 to save uberX!

Sign the petition to tell Governor Quinn to veto HB 4075 and save uberX! Your right to transportation choice as an Illinois consumer is one signature away from disappearing.

13 MAY

Tell City Officials TODAY That #AustinNeedsUber!

We are continuing to work with City officials to help this resolution pass, but we need your help.  Make your voice heard and bring more transportation options to Austin now! Sign the petition at