18 JAN

Nové partnertsví s Evropou

Běží rok 2015 a Uber si na tento rok vytkl velké cíle pro evropské cestující, řidiče i města. Na dosažení těchto cílů ale nemůžeme být sami. Generální ředitel firmy Uber Travis Kalanick na konferenci DLD15 v Mnichově představil záměr firmy navázat nová partnerství s evropskými městy s cílem zajistit inovace, využít velké ekonomické přínosy a podpořit rozvoj základních funkcí měst.

17 NOV

Uber & Spotify = Music for Your Ride

Today, we’re announcing a big step forward in making your Uber ride truly yours. We’ve joined forces with Spotify, a world leader in streaming music, to enable you to remotely control the music that plays through your Uber’s speakers. Whether you’re starting the night with your pre-party mix or unwinding with a chill playlist on your way home, the choice is now yours with Uber.

24 SEP

Events Partnerships Honolulu

Uber Event Partnerships Want to bring the #UberLove to your event or organization? Please fill out this short form and we'll be in touch shortly if your event is a good fit.

15 SEP



Карета подана

Убер становится официальным перевозчиком Венского Бала. Всем гостям и дебютантам предоставляется личный водитель на вечер!

26 MAY

Uber + IAVA: Proudly Partnering with Vets

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our partnership with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, to help put America’s vets back to work by driving with Uber.


Go Nextdoor with Uber

This Thursday, Friday and Satuday only, if you Uber to Nextdoor, your first drink is $1 or your first Red Bull Vodka is $3! Don’t have Uber yet? Sign up here or sign up with promo code NEXTDOOR for $20 off your first ride.


Qualität reicht sich gerne die Hand – OUTFITTERY meets Uber

Uber Deutschland und Berliner Styling-Startup OUTFITTERY testen eine Kooperation und planen die nächste Uber-Community Happy Hour in Berlin!

20 JAN

Uber + Grouper = A Winning Combo

We're excited to announce our partnership with Grouper to giveaway the ultimate: an #UberGrouper! Plus we have VIP access to Grouper for all Uber clients.

27 JUN

Partner With Uber Toronto For Your Next Event

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