14 SEP

Uber Does Dallas

Uber officially launches in Big D, finally giving Dallasites a classy and reliable transportation alternative.


Uber Launches in San Diego, Time to Stay Classy

We're delivering "America's Finest City" the "World's Finest Transportation System". Drink it in – it always goes down smooth.

16 MAR

Oh Canada! Uber Toronto Is Now Launched!


Uber LA Officially Launched

Today could eventually be considered historical for the city of Angels because it is today that Uber LA is officially rolling out its transportation system in this fine city. And here's why...

14 DEC

Why Owning a Car in SF Doesn't Make Sense

It's the first US city to measure it's parking spaces. There are 441,541 spaces. Over 280,000 on streets, 25,000 of which are metered. With a population of 815,358 (residents, not including out of towners and commuters)...that's 1.8 people per spot, and 3 people for every spot on the street. Yikes!

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