24 NOV

Share the Warmth

We've teamed up with Goodwill® again to bring you a Winter Clothing Drive. If you’re in New York, San Francisco or Boston on Tuesday, November 25, you can request an on-demand donation pick-up of the clothes you no longer need.

19 NOV

#Ubertgif: Uber lan toả hạnh phúc thứ Sáu này!

Đến hẹn lại lên, #UBERTGIF sẽ mang một bất ngờ nho nhỏ vào thứ Sáu tuần này (21/11). Hãy thư giãn và để chúng tôi, cùng với The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, mang đến một chút ngọt ngào cho bạn với UberBEAN. 1000 ly cà phê được pha chế với nguyên liệu đặc biệt, dành riêng cho mùa đông này sẽ được mang đến tận văn phòng, cho bạn và đồng nghiệp cùng thưởng thức và thư giãn ngày cuối tuần! Đừng lo, tất nhiên là miễn phí ;)

13 NOV

Give and Get back with the Uber Food Drive

The season of giving has arrived, and we're here to lend a helping hand. To spread the love, we've partnered with our friends at Greater Chicago Food Depository to bring you the Uber Food Drive. Donate, ride and get instantly rewarded!

11 NOV

FREE uberX Rides For Everyone In Beirut This Week!

A few months ago we launched Uber in Beirut, helping you get around the city in a reliable, safe and stylish way. Since then, uptake has been amazing clearly showing Beirut and Uber have a long way to go!



På torsdag och fredag har du chansen att provköra den hypade elbilen Tesla Model S genom din Uber-app! I Stockholm på torsdag och i Göteborg på fredag. Välj “Tesla”-alternativet i appen och en Tesla Model S kommer inom några minuter att rulla fram, redo att köras av dig. Ta bilen till mötet, till lunchen eller varför inte till AW:n?



Die Damen, am 8. & 9. Oktober organisieren wir euch die erste "Manicure on demand" in Wien!


VROOM! Comic Cars Whiz Through NYC

Go grab your cape, mask, and utility belt because it's time to join the superheroes and sci-fi creatures at the New York Comic Con! This year we're teaming up with New York Comic Con and Chevy to bring fans FREE RIDES in exclusive Uber Comic Cars. Find out how you can ride.

30 SEP

SWEET NEWS: Maamoul On Demand This EID!

This EID we thought of a twisted way to combine sweetness, charity and fun so we partnered up with Hallab this Wednesday afternoon to deliver Maamoul at the tap of a button. To add a touch to these deliveries, Daniella Rahme, one of the very first Uber riders in Beirut and current face for Hallab, will be delivering these sweets to you in one of the cars! Sweetness x 2 :)

22 SEP

חלה בהזמנה

חלה בהזמנה! לכבוד השנה החדשה, רצינו לעזור לכם קצת בהכנות לחג. היום, אתם יכולים להזמין דרכנו, ממש כפי שהייתם מזמינים איתנו מונית, חלה בהזמנה, ב-10 ש״ח בלבד.

28 AUG

Say Sweet Dreams With UberSLEEP

Just because you spend a third of your life sleeping doesn't mean you have to tire yourself out shopping for and setting up a comfortable mattress. That's why we’ve teamed up with Casper Sleep to bring you UberSLEEP, on-demand delivery of the Casper mattress. Read here to learn more.