15 SEP


C’est tout naturellement qu’Uber a choisi la perle d’Aquitaine pour lancer son service révolutionnaire uberPOP et offrir aux Bordelais une véritable alternative aux transports urbains.

31 MAR

DC's Mayoral Race and the Future of Uber

With the District buzzing over tomorrow's Democratic Mayoral Primary, we've gotten a number of questions over the past week from riders and partners on where candidates stand on Uber. We sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates asking for their views on innovation in the District in general and on Uber in particular. Here's what they had to say.

28 MAR

Let the Sun Shine on Innovation

Florida – we’re getting closer! The road to Uber Florida is a long one, weaving it’s way through the State Legislature, where state legislators are voting on bills that would allow Miami, Tampa Bay and Orlando to join Jacksonville as Uber cities, but before that happens, we need your help!

31 JAN

California Clears Uber to Continue and Expand Operations

Uber has signed an agreement with the California Public Utility Commission’s Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) that suspends all of the SED’s prior complaints against Uber and allows us to continue the legal operation of our existing business.


DC Council Clears Path for Uber’s Future

Today the DC Council unanimously passed a legislative framework for “digital dispatch” that is pro-innovation, pro-consumer, and pro-driver, and sets the standard for other cities to promote transportation innovation.


Uber's Response to Lawsuit Filed by Chicago Taxi Companies

Uber's technology platform is and has always been legal in Chicago, and despite another transparent attempt by the taxi industry to shut down transportation alternatives, Uber will continue to offer its application to connect Chicagoans to high quality transportation providers.

25 OCT

Uber's Cease & Desist

The cease & desist orders that Uber was served from the San Francisco Metro Transit Authority, and the Public Utilities Commission of California.

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