14 AUG

The Weekender

This weekend, All Of The Things are happening. Seriously, you have no excuse to plant yourself on a couch. Head over to The Hawthorne in an Uber, and they’ll hook you up with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. There's also dancing on a boat, drinking at the zoo, contemporary dance performances, and more!


Reliability Across the Hub

Some of the best - and most frequent - feedback we get is that UberBOS has made it so much easier to find a reliable, affordable ride throughout the city of Boston, no matter where in the city you might be. So this made us wonder - just how bad was it before, and has Uber actually helped?


Spa Summer Special

There’s a place somewhere between a cloud and a chinchilla’s underbelly. At least that’s how we feel after a treatment at Bliss. We’re evangelists of the Treat Yo’Self lifestyle, and Bliss Spa at the W Boston has made that easier to achieve with a special deal for Uber riders this summer.


The Weekender

We're back with more fun times for your weekend. This week, we've got a little something for everyone: baseball, art, music, and booze. And each event features more than one of those "little somethings" so no need to worry about picking sides.

28 JUL

Uber Data from Opening Day

How do people use Uber to get to home openers of major sports in major US cities? Using #UberData from the 2013 season, we compare which sports and cities win out in our first ever Uber Sports Index.

25 JUL

The Weekender: Summer Night Out with ideeli

Uber has partnered with ideeli, a boutique website that curates daily deals on designer fashion and houseware, to help answer your summer fashion questions. To spice things up we have created a special package with ideeli to give one winner and five of their friends a Summer Night Out to remember.

24 JUL

It's #UberTYME!

Julian Edelman needs no introduction to a New England football fan. He's also a familiar face at Uber Boston, as a veteran Uber rider and our rider zero on UberBOAT. We hooked him up with one of our new Uber tank tops, and apparently it was a hit. Now we wanna hook you up!

23 JUL

The Novel Ideas

Meet country folk quintet, The Novel Ideas, the latest artists in our UberSessions series, featuring local music from the back of an UberSUV!

15 JUL

UberBOAT meets #UberData

Today the Science Team drops into uncharted territory like tea to the harbor with UberBOAT! The Uber Boston crew made an exciting move last month – from June 4th-15th, curious (and persistent) Bostonians were able to request a water taxi using the Uber app from 20 docks along the Boston Harbor.

Here’s what we learned about Boston, boats, and transportation options from our most recent experiment in moving people around cities.

11 JUL

The Weekender: Beach Yourself

Hit the Beaches with Uber Boston!