19 SEP

The Weekender

This weekend, we've got more places and events lined up to keep your schedule (and stomach) filled. Art festivals and breakfast food face-offs abound!

15 SEP

Gallery 63 Opening

This Thursday, we will be celebrating the opening of the new Gallery63 in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood. The group exhibition of 'Voice, Vision, Virtuosity' was curated by distinguished art collector, Meredyth Hyatt Moses, featuring artwork by local youth from Artists For Humanity.


The Weekender: Get Tuned Up

This weekend, Boston is full of music. And breakfast sandwiches. Mostly music, but really we stopped listening when someone said "breakfast sandwiches."


Join Our Brand Team!

Uber Boston is growing like gangbusters and we need some rockstars to join our Brand Team! Make some cash money and pay for your spring break!


Rock at Boston Calling, Roll with Uber

Round two of Boston Calling is finally here! Assemble your entourage and head to the stages at City Hall Plaza. Hope to see you there!

29 AUG

The Weekender: Moving Madness

The weekend of moving madness has finally fallen upon Boston. Time to play Allston Xmas Bingo!

14 AUG

The Weekender

This weekend, All Of The Things are happening. Seriously, you have no excuse to plant yourself on a couch. Head over to The Hawthorne in an Uber, and they’ll hook you up with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. There's also dancing on a boat, drinking at the zoo, contemporary dance performances, and more!


Reliability Across the Hub

Some of the best - and most frequent - feedback we get is that UberBOS has made it so much easier to find a reliable, affordable ride throughout the city of Boston, no matter where in the city you might be. So this made us wonder - just how bad was it before, and has Uber actually helped?


Spa Summer Special

There’s a place somewhere between a cloud and a chinchilla’s underbelly. At least that’s how we feel after a treatment at Bliss. We’re evangelists of the Treat Yo’Self lifestyle, and Bliss Spa at the W Boston has made that easier to achieve with a special deal for Uber riders this summer.


The Weekender

We're back with more fun times for your weekend. This week, we've got a little something for everyone: baseball, art, music, and booze. And each event features more than one of those "little somethings" so no need to worry about picking sides.