10 NOV

Moving Manila Forward

We are pleased to share that over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to hold constructive discussions with several key government agencies in the Philippines.


Wheelchair Accessible Rides on Uber Manila

Since February, Uber has been evolving the way people move in Manila. Our mission is to connect everyone to safe, reliable rides that arrive at the tap of a button. Today, we’re excited to take one more step forward towards that mission.

29 OCT

Secret Ubers Have Landed in Hanoi!

Hanoi Your Uber Is Arriving Now!

23 OCT

Manila, It’s Your Choice.

Over the past few weeks, more and more Filipinos have elected to dash around Metro Manila with Uber and from what we hear, you LOVE it.

26 SEP


Choice is a beautiful thing. Riders love it. Drivers love it. The Rakyat love it. Taxi companies don’t love it.

28 AUG


Since arriving in Kuala Lumpur (KL) 9 months ago, we’ve seen overwhelming support from riders, many of whom have taken to social media, to advocate for the benefits Uber brings. We also appreciate the Land Public Transportation Commission (S.P.A.D)’s acknowledgement that “..,many users are satisfied and happy with services provided by Uber”!

31 MAR

Until Next Time, Hong Kong. 香港, 再見。

The #UBERSEVENS pop-up has officially wrapped! Three days of dress up, nail biting matches, and a wee bit of rain. Who could have asked for a better weekend to have Ubers on the road in Hong Kong?

24 MAR

UBER 首次亮相香港七人欖球賽!

在週末的香港國際七人欖球賽期間,Uber將終於首次在香港亮相! Uber的服務覆蓋時間為週五早上到週日夜晚,不管您是外出、吃飯、拍拖、看欖球賽、還是去夜蒲,我們的目標都是讓Uber成為您最安全、舒適和體貼的出行首選。

24 MAR

Game On, Hong Kong. Uber is here for the Sevens!

Hong Kong, we’ve had our eye on you for a long time. This weekend, Asia’s epicenter of trade, finance, and fashion will finally get to experience Uber, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Rugby Sevens, the biggest party of the year, is in town - and Uber will be there to make sure all the travelers, party-goers, and South Stand attendees make it to their destinations in style.

13 FEB

Uber Manila Has Officially Launched!