30 SEP

SWEET NEWS: Maamoul On Demand This EID!

This EID we thought of a twisted way to combine sweetness, charity and fun so we partnered up with Hallab this Wednesday afternoon to deliver Maamoul at the tap of a button. To add a touch to these deliveries, Daniella Rahme, one of the very first Uber riders in Beirut and current face for Hallab, will be delivering these sweets to you in one of the cars! Sweetness x 2 :)

29 SEP

Win #UberAllAccess to
AMALUNA's Opening Night

Win two tickets and a free round trip to Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil with #UberALLACCESS on October 3rd!

24 SEP

Win tickets to see Lily Allen on Sept 28th

After five years away, Lily Allen is back on the music scene with her third studio album Sheezus. We're pumped to announce that we've teamed up with Warner Music Canada to send you and a friend to Lily Allen at the Sound Academy on Sept 28th in style.

12 SEP

Beirut, Your uberX Is Here!

Exactly two months ago, the first Ubers started rolling in Beirut and since then response has been nothing less than exciting! This got us super pumped to continue growing and offering you more than one Uber option. Because "CHOICE" is a beautiful thing, we thought Beirut deserves more than the current UberBLACK option for you to choose among...


Hello Canada!

Sometimes with all the craziness of things like Ice Cream On-Demand, uberCHOPPER and delivering POUTINE throughout the city, we often forget to just say, hi! So let us introduce ourselves...

31 AUG


31 AUG

Ride Like an Uber Employee to win 3,000 QAR of Uber Credit!

Ride like an Uber employee to win 3,000 QAR in Uber credit. 7 rides, 7 days, 1 winner! Uber on!

26 AUG

8月28日(木)限定でALSアイス・バケツ・チャレンジ オンデマンドを実施

ALSアイス・バケツ・チャレンジ(#IceBucketChallenge)をご存知ですか?ALS(筋萎縮性側索硬化症)という難病の認知度を上げ、研究を支援するために、バケツに入った氷水を頭からかぶるか、ALSの団体に寄付を行う、啓発キャンペーンです。 ALSアイス・バケツ・チャレンジの輪を広げ、さらなる認知度の向上や寄付の促進を図るべく、東京の皆様にチャレンジの指名をしたいと思います。8月28日(木)11:00-16:00限定で、Uberアプリより簡単にALSアイス・バケツ・チャレンジに参加できる、「ALSアイス・バケツ・チャレンジ オンデマンド」を実施します。数タップの操作で、チャレンジに必要なものをUberがお届けします。

22 AUG

Win Tickets Plus Meet & Greet With Keith Urban

Uber is offering you the fantastic opportunity to win tickets and meet Keith Urban on Aug. 24th in ATL!

21 AUG

You Requested, We Listened: Introducing uberX