San Francisco

Where it all started.

28 FEB

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we have been celebrating not only those who have so greatly influenced the past, but also those who are shaping the future. We visited with some of our driver partners and listened as they told us their histories. Join us as we celebrate their stories.

27 FEB

$7 Wonders of
San Francisco

Check out our picks for the 7 Wonders of San Francisco

24 FEB

$7 uberPOOL Rides

We've seen how popular our $5 flat rate uberPOOL promotion has been, which is why we've decided to extend it!

19 FEB

uberPOOL How-to-Ride Guide

While you've been busy taking $5 uberPOOL rides all over the city, we've put together your uberPOOL how-to-ride guide. By following these tips, you and your co-rider will be set for one perfect POOL party.

13 FEB

You Had Me at Uber

Uber wants to give you the VIP treatment this Valentine's Day, with a free overnight getaway at a the Grand Hyatt San Francisco hotel.

13 FEB

Capitol Love

Married for 17 years, Elizabeth and Michael will be be spending Valentine's Day their own way, making sure other couples can celebrate in style.

12 FEB

Ride to Win, Be a Hero

Take a ride, and you could win tickets to a Valentine's Day concert at the Oracle Arena!


Your Favorite uberPOOL Story

We asked you to vote for one of our four uberPOOL Stories finalists. Your favorite uberPOOL story is James!


uberPOOL Stories Finalists

We asked you to share your best uberPOOL stories, and boy did you deliver.