Traveling should be enjoyable and stress-free. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a trip overseas, we want to help bring you the fast and reliable pickup at the beginning or end of your journey with the Uber you know and love!


  1. Wait until you’ve snagged your luggage from the baggage claim to fire up the app and request your ride. (Optional: show off the app to your fellow travelers—spread the Uber love with your invite code!)
  2. Drop the pin anywhere within the airport terminal.
  3. Don’t hesitate to call or text your driver to communicate your door number or zone letter.
  4. Always confirm your driver’s name and photo, license plate, and make and model of the vehicle when they arrive to ensure you’ve got the right ride.

Note: Dropping the pin outside of the airport will result in a trip cancellation. Only properly permitted driver-partners are able to pick up at the airport. We’re actively working with SAN Airport authorities to obtain permits for Transportation Network Company vehicles and improve the uberX and uberXL service.


  • Traveling on a business trip? Add in expense info that will appear directly on your receipt. Even better – get your company to sign up for our recently announced Uber for Business platform for direct billing.
  • Heading to the airport with friends? Split your fare through the app!
  • Don’t forget to check for Uber service wherever your travels take you. We’re currently available in over 225 cities in 45 countries worldwide and expanding all the time. Check out the list of current Uber cities.

Safe travels!

- Team Uber SD