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22 OCT


Sharing a ride this week? Split the fare with your friends through the Uber app.

20 JUL


16 MAY

#UberApproved: Stock Up on Pre-Summer Essentials

We're pleased to introduce #UberApproved — a series of articles and features about some of our favorite DC spots to help you get the most out of your Uber experience and the city we call home. To start, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best places to stock up on pre-summer essentials along with some ProTips about how to discount your ride. With all those burgers, dogs, and charcoal bags you’ll be hauling, you’ll need a little help to get your warm-weather party started.

23 MAR

Ride Like A PRO: Common Rider Questions Answered

What a journey it has been since we launched in January! Our service is now round the clock and we are the safest and most reliable way of getting around town at a great price. To help you Uber it around Hyderabad like a pro, we wanted to answer some common questions from our riders.

30 DEC

Happy New Year!

Here are some pro tips to help you understand surge pricing and learn about the best times to ride as you ring in 2014.

10 DEC

Las fiestas Navideñas y la Tarifa Dinámica

Debido al incremento del tráfico y de la demanda, activaremos la Tarifa Dinámica, para asegurarnos de que siempre haya un Uber disponible cerca de ti.


Earn FREE Uber with Your Own Personalized Referral Code!

We've made it even easier to share the Uber love with your friends, interns, colleagues, and anyone you see on the street with your own personalized promo code. And the best part, you'll reap the rewards!

16 FEB

Get your Uber app now, fresh from the oven!

The latest version of the Uber app is now available for download in the App Store!

14 OCT

Four is the magic number

Nights out just aren't the same without a crew of cronies to share drinks, laughs and Ubers with – and we know you love impressing your friends by summoning a pimped-out car with the press of a button. But, at the risk of sounding parental, we have a rule we need you to follow.


Pro Tip: Get Your Babysitter Home Safe