Next up as we #UberEverywhere around the world… The Valley Of The Sun. Yep, you got that right, it’s Phoenix. With 211 sunny days (and only 85 partly sunny days) in Phoenix,  we don’t really mind the other 75 days where there are clouds in the sky.

Uber came to Phoenix one sunny day about a year ago, November 14th 2012. We quickly connected with our good friend Arie Luyendyk Jr to be our Rider Zero, and you can bet he uses Uber in every city he visits. But it didn’t end there. Uber Phoenix has since added uberX (which is 10% cheaper than a taxi) with a special appearance from our friend Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World to take the very first uberX ride.


Phoenix attracts people from all over the country to settle down for the winter, and many times forever. But if you haven’t headed to the Southwest to check out PHX, AZ, you might be wondering what there is to see out here. Well, we jumped in an Uber and hit up some famous architectural landmarks, one of our nationally acclaimed restaurants, some epic desert landscape and  the revitalized Downtown.


1. Taliesin West Taliesin West is not just a stop on the tour, but a piece of global architectural history. Designed by the famed Frank Lloyd Wright, this awe inspiring view gives you a glimpse into the genius.

2. Pizzeria Bianco Featured nationally as one of the countries BEST pizza joints, famed chef Chris Bianco has recently partnered with another great Chef Jamie Oliver overseas.  Our best recommendation, try the Rosa. Everything on the menu is local, delicious and made to order.

3. Saguaro Cactus A cactus made iconic by many artist renditions, western films and photographs, the Saguaro cactus is beautiful. This little bit of our desert landscape is another great reason to revel in the desert life of Phoenix, AZ.

4. Downtown Phoenix Phoenix Metro is spread out over 16,573 sq miles covering dozens of cities. Over the last 10 years, the heart, Downtown Phoenix has experienced a resurgence and revitalization that brought ASU downtown, and brought an amazing community of locally focused individuals closer together.

5. Arizona Sunset Last but certainly not least, you haven’t even SEEN Phoenix Arizona until you’ve experienced one of our legendary sunsets. Here it is, in all of it’s glory. Love, Team Uber PHX


With love, from the Valley of the Sun,
Gabe, Steve, Blaine and Amber <3