uberX is arriving now in Ottawa

Ottawa – ridesharing has made its way to our nation's capital, and we couldn't be more excited. uberX is our wildly popular low-cost option and it's become a user-favourite all over the world, from Toronto to Sydney.


Finally, A Way To Give Your Driver A Sixth Star

Every day across the nation, drivers on the Uber platform work hard to seamlessly and efficiently move people around their cities. And sometimes, in the midst of getting you from point A to point B, a driver does something amazing.

Today, Uber and American Express are excited to honor these incredible drivers with our “Sixth Star Award” program. Hear their stories and learn more...

30 SEP

Uber for Business now available in 45 Countries

Today, Uber is truly open for business in all 45 countries that Uber is available in. Now in more than 200 cities, the Uber for Business technology platform is the most reliable, efficient and seamless way for businesses to connect with transportation globally. From Singapore to Sydney, Uber is now simplifying business travel for companies all over the world. Learn more..

25 SEP

Uber API drafted by Sacramento Kings

For the 2014 Kings season, we're rolling out a red carpet for the NBA's loudest fans.

23 SEP

¡Madrid! Your uberPOP is arriving now

We’re thrilled to announce that from today, Madrileños have access to the same efficient, safe and affordable uberPOP rides as Barcelona. De Madrid al cielo!