26 AUG


Hangzhou, known as “Paradise on Earth”, is home to the picturesque West Lake and Xi`xi Reserve Park. Despite being one of the most livable cities in China, getting around Hangzhou has been difficult. We felt your pain, and that’s why we have begun testing Uber in Hangzhou!

26 AUG

Uber’s Marketing Program to Recruit Drivers: Operation SLOG

There’s been a lot of discussion - and a lot of misinformation - about Uber’s driver recruitment and the ridesharing industry’s at large. We’d like to set the record straight and demystify our recruiting efforts, which we call Operation SLOG (Supplying Long-term Operations Growth). With millions of riders and ever-increasing demand for more rides in even more cities, we are always working hard to recruit new drivers onto the platform.

26 AUG

Secret Ubers Arrive in Chengdu!

Uber has finally landed in Chengdu, the Panda capital of the world, and we have secret Ubers on the road ready to take you to see the fluffy national treasures of China!

25 AUG

Tel Aviv, Your Uber Is Arriving Now!

Tel Aviv is a city for the young and the young at heart. Uber’s innovative tech is revolutionizing the way the world moves, and so it’s only fitting that we launch in “Start-up Nation”. Tel Aviv’s “regular old taxi” just got awesome. Meet uberTAXI, the cheap, fast and convenient way to get around in Tel Aviv / Gush Dan area.

21 AUG


We're thrilled to announce that uberX is rolling into Asheville today at noon! With the push of a button, residents can now request a convenient, safe and affordable ride.