Joe Sullivan Joining Uber As First Chief Security Officer

As Uber has grown to millions of trips per day in nearly 300 cities in 55 countries, the breadth and complexity of the environment we operate in has multiplied. With millions of riders being supported by an always-growing data infrastructure, we’ve invested significantly in expanding and improving safety and security. An important part of that effort has been thoughtfully building our team with strong leadership like Managing Counsel of Data Privacy Katherine Tassi and Head of Global Safety Phil Cardenas. We’ve also been looking for the right individual to oversee our global cybersecurity and safety efforts — someone who understands what makes Uber unique.


Amman, You Are Uber's 300th City!

Uber's journey began in 2010 back in San Francisco and went viral from city to city. Today and four and a half years later, we are super excited to be launching Uber in Amman as our 300th city! Proud to have Amman join the ride along with 290+ cities worldwide that are hosting Uber's reliable, safe and comfortable service. That's right Jordan...You're now part of the global #UberEverywhere ride around the world!

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Vietnam Deserves Choice

17 MAR

Go For a Ride With Our API

Today, Uber is publicly releasing our new Request endpoint, which marks a significant milestone for the Uber API. We’re putting developers in the (virtual) driver’s seat, giving them the power to hit our API to request rides and dispatch driver-partners in the real world.

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Uber for Business:

These Rules Aren’t Made To Be Broken

Today we are adding new policy controls within the Uber for Business dashboard that allow company administrators to customize their Uber ride policy so it’s tailor-made to suit the needs of their business and their employees. Learn more...