18 FEB

Las Cruces, Your Uber Is Arriving Now

You’ve asked for it and we're here, Las Cruces! Your Uber is arriving now. The hassle of figuring out who will be the designated driver or how you’ll run errands with a car that won’t start is only a few taps away from being a thing of the past.

18 FEB

Thank You for Joining Us In The National Salute to Veteran Patients

Last week we asked the Uber Community to join us in the National Salute to Veteran Patients by writing messages of support and gratitude to healing veterans recovering at VA medical centers across the country. We were thrilled to receive thousands of cards from Uber riders, partner drivers, and employees.

18 FEB

uberX Now Has a Permanent Home In Virginia

Thanks to your support, Virginia, Uber now has a permanent home in the Commonwealth.

16 FEB

Uber arriveert in Utrecht!

Utrecht, je Uber arriveert nu! Vanaf vandaag kan je jouw Uber ook bestellen in Utereg, jouw stadsie. Vervoer wordt door de introductie van uberPOP en UberBLACK ook in Utrecht beter, makkelijker en goedkoper.

12 FEB


Stillwater, your Uber has arrived! Starting at noon today, Stilly residents will have access to the convenience and reliability of Uber, and rides will be FREE for one week to celebrate.