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Pedal to the Petals

31 MAR

DC’s Mayoral Race and the Future of Uber

With the District buzzing over tomorrow's Democratic Mayoral Primary, we've gotten a number of questions over the past week from riders and partners on where candidates stand on Uber. We sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates asking for their views on innovation in the District in general and on Uber in particular. Here's what they had to say.

27 MAR

Are you the next Uber DC Brand Ambassador?

10 MAR

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24 FEB

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17 FEB

The Ubercade is Back – and Bigger Than Ever

The Ubercade is back in DC! Here's what's in store for this President's Day.


Help Your Campus Unlock a Free Week of uberX

In elementary school, extra credit meant participating in show and tell. In high school, it meant a bonus question at the end of the pop quiz. In our opinion, college doesn't have enough opportunities for bonus points. This week, get ready to put that spirit to good use because we've got an #uberXtraCredit assignment you won't want to skip!