Finally…it’s Berlin Art Week! This year it’s held from 16–21 September. For six days, art lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world gather in the art capital Berlin to discover current developments in contemporary art and share experiences and ideas.

In the light of this event we partnered with 38HOURS – a travel company which delivers an individually curated all-in-one city trip to its users. In some of your Ubers you will find Berlin city guides powered by 38 HOURS which feature a great selection of local insider tips. And if you feel like snatching one, we’ll just look away… so feel free!



When in doubt, ask a well-known gallerist.

38 HOURS interviewed Johann König, who is the mind behind two acclaimed contemporary art galleries in Berlin. Currently, his gallery represents 25 international emerging as well as already established contemporary artists. His second gallery is located in the former church St. Agnes, which exhibits works with a unique relation to its spacial surroundings. Check out some of his favourite spots he shared with 38 HOURS and…


The week starts Wednesday! Corinne Wasmuht and Helen Marten are the two selected artist that will be shown at my gallery. Join us for a beer from 6 PM, Galerie Johann König Dessauerstr. 6.

CWA_211.212-2013_photo-Gunter-Lepkowski_AB-KopieCorinne Wasmuht


On Thursday I suggest to see the two person shows of Matt Mullican and Christina Mackie at PRAXES – Center for Contemporary Art, Alexandrinenstr. 118.

20A5383-1-1024x701-1Matt Mullican

After this – cross the river for ABC (Art Berlin Contemporary)  –  for the art fair opening, with performances and music. Come visit our booth featuring silver lion winner Camille Henrot.

64b0022-1024x768Camille Henrot


Friday night till Saturday morning, party at Golden Dolls in Potsdamerstr. 82, the new nightlife spot hosted by Dan DeNorch.



Then straight from there: Haus am Waldsee for Michael Sailstorfer´s show and a Bavarian Weißwurst-Frühstück at the lake!


Thank you, 38 HOURS for sharing your insider tips with us!