If you want to discover the Italian culture with an added cosmopolitan touch, you can’t miss Milan. Here you find a perfect mix of business life, art and design influence, and the cradle of the fashion industry.

Milan is also starting to establish itself within Italy as the center of the tech industry, claiming the name of “capital of the Italian startup scene.”

Famous all over the world not only for the risotto giallo and the aperitivo, but also because of the elegance and the style of its people, its nightlife and shopping, Milan will also host the Expo2015, confirming its undisputed relevance as an international hub.


Milan was the first Italian city to introduce an innovative and disruptive solution for its citizen’s mobility; on the 7th March we officially launched UberBLACK, during an unforgettable party on Terrazza Martini, with the unmatched view of the Duomo.

From that moment on, we introduced a very elegant, safe and stylish but at the same time affordable option for the cities transportation. Immediately, thousands of people decided to use Uber as their daily choice for going to meetings, happy hours, airports or stations with their autista personale per tutti.


Il Duomo:

The first image that comes to people’s mind while thinking to Milan is the unique and amazing Duomo. One of the most famous gothic churches in the world, it is the fourth biggest one in Europe. It marks the center of the town, and is surrounded by buildings and shops that define the Milanese scene. The architectural complexity leaves tourists and locals, completely speechless for its infinite beauty.


If you want to have a walk in the trendiest neighborhood of Milan, you should definitely go to Brera. It’s like a small village in the heart of the city, full of artisans and artists, with the Accademia delle Belle Arti, as the focal point of this creativity. You can also take 10 minutes to discover something about your future thanks to the famous fortune- tellers that you will find in these cobble-stone streets.

Via Montenapoleone:

Milan has the global fame as “capital of fashion”, and you can discover in the quadrilatero the most luxury brands exhibiting their flagship stores. An atmosphere of cosmopolitan and cool lifestyle will capture your mind…pay attention to your wallet, it won’t be easy to resist!


After a long afternoon of shopping you need to rest, so why don’t enjoy a hot chocolate with crème in the most famous and ancient caffetteria milanese? Experience the Belle Epoque décor at Sant’Ambroes, its name taken from the Milanese dialect, and dedicated to Sant’Ambrogio, patron of the city… you will taste the sophisticated side of Milan.

I Navigli:

At the end of a long day, a break at one of the typical Italian happy hour spots is mandatory. Hundreds of bars and restaurants will offer you excellent cocktails and tasty food that you can enjoy while listening to some live music, chilling with your friends just as the sun sets on the canals.





milano team

milano team