Shhhhh… The first Secret Ubers have rolled out in Bogotá! From the juicy steak-lovers of Andrés de Chia and healthy vegans of Chapinero to the classic businessmen of Chico and the shopaholics of Andino, cool people in the Colombian capital can now take advantage of the app that took over 41 cities across 18 Countries. Freddy Vega, one of the youngest and most rebellious Colombian entrepreneurs, co-founder of, the online education success story of Latin America, is the first rider in Bogotá. He opened the app, confirmed his location and #boom in five minutes a professional driver was curbside, ready to take Freddy to his next meeting.
  • Download the Uber app (BlackBerry, iPhone and Android) or get on the mobile site to request a safe and comfortable vehicle that will bring you to your business or leisure destination. Uber will become the perfect tool for everyone who values time and wants to move in the city with style and no worries, day or night.
  • Use the promo code BOGOTAPLAY to get 40,000 Pesos in credits, or click on the following link to redeem the promo and sign up online:
Sample trips:
Chapinero (Caracas and 57) to Chico (15 and 92) – 14,000 COP
Usaquén to Parque 93 – 10,000 COP
153 and 19 to Candelaria – 28,000 COP
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Oh yes, yes… getting around in Bogotá is about to change!