As December 31st approaches, it’s only natural to plan for the new year. Some of us just want to lose those extra five pounds, but Uber’s core resolution is to always be a reliable ride.

Surge pricing helps us achieve that because it gets more cars on the road for nights where there’s a massive spike in demand. For more info, read the Q&A from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

After last New Year’s Eve, we heard your feedback and made a number of changes to make our pricing clear and straight-forward. But we want to be even more clear and transparent in our pricing. We’re not waiting until 2013 to get started on that resolution so we’ve already made changes across iPhone, Android and our mobile request site,




On the latest version of the Uber iPhone app, the fare estimator will help you determine the cost of your ride, so you can also get the approximate cost before you request a car (Android users, we’re working hard to get this out to you soon).


You may not know who you’ll be kissing when the clock strikes midnight, but you won’t be surprised when you get into an Uber. So break open the bubbly, enjoy the fireworks, and have a wonderful new year, wherever you need to go!