25 MAR

An update from the Uber Safety Team

We are committed to ensuring Uber is the safest way to get around a city. As part of that commitment, last December I promised to keep riders and drivers updated on safety enhancements. Since coming on board at Uber, my team and I have conducted an internal global safety review and also worked with outside experts, including Giuliani Partners and GuidePost, to identify the best ways to make the platform even safer. Those reviews yielded recommended safety enhancements, including a new Code of Conduct, Quality Assurance Program and worldwide Incident Response Teams.

24 MAR

Vietnam Deserves Choice

17 MAR

Go For a Ride With Our API

Today, Uber is publicly releasing our new Request endpoint, which marks a significant milestone for the Uber API. We’re putting developers in the (virtual) driver’s seat, giving them the power to hit our API to request rides and dispatch driver-partners in the real world.

11 MAR

Uber for Business:

These Rules Aren’t Made To Be Broken

Today we are adding new policy controls within the Uber for Business dashboard that allow company administrators to customize their Uber ride policy so it’s tailor-made to suit the needs of their business and their employees. Learn more...

10 MAR


Today, on the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, we are proud to share with The Uber Community that we are embarking on a new global partnership with UN Women with the goal of accelerating economic opportunity for women.